Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jef's Jumble-laya

Lots of ingredients mix up to make jumbalaya. Quite a bit of thoughts mixing in my brain to make my own jumble-laya. Thought I should write them down.

1st: Thank goodness my parents have internet so I could blog right now! Comcast better be able to fix my internet problem tomorrow!

1) Trader Joe's Korean BBQ Style Ribs - My sis made these for me...mix with rice and creamed spinach...hella good! Just don't look at the nutrition facts
2)Costco Red Velvet Cake - rich and moist...what else do you need?
3)Fairytale Brownies - xmas gift from my sis. I'm a sucker for brownies. Based out of Phoenix; very good variety

1)Sago (filipino sweet drink) and Vodka - mixes well and you won't even get buzzed

People usually have their xmas wishlist but I have my New Year's wishlist. Why? Probably cuz I got some money from my relatives for xmas and I'm itching to spend it:
1)TV Stand - damn how hard is it to find one. Maybe cuz I'm being quite particular and picky...modern look, black, cabinets, 28-30 inches high. Most tv stands are like 24 inches high...ugh!
2)Lob wedge and gap wedge - damn my golf game sucks right now...better add more clubs to think I can get better
3)Pro V1 or Bridgestone Golf Balls - really expensive balls will make me a better golfer...I know it! Actually, I have a propensity of losing new golf balls...this could turn out to be a very bad investment...F it...I want some anyway
4)Home theater system - I'm gonna be more tech savvy in 2009! Get all the electronics I can get

1) Golf is so addicting
2) Want a good laugh? Golf with Dennis...he's bound to hit at least one funny shot a round that will have you rolling.
3) Have five and half hours to kill? Golf with Dennis, Mike, Nick, and Me. Whereas a usual round of 18 holes takes 4.5 hours, we maximize our time on the course and have a good time doing so...to the dismay of golfers behind us
4) Even though you think a tree is not in your way when you tee off...the tree will find some way to be in your way, or rather, your ball make it that the tree will be in your way!

1) Scent-o-vision would be awesome for the Food Network. Not so much for Dirty Jobs on Discovery...any job involving poop...that would stink!
2) College football needs a damn playoff system
3) Today was my first ever time in Stockton, CA...much bigger then I ever imagined
4) Kinda funny my parents live in Manteca...it's the filipino word for oil (spelled mantika)...the oil you cook with and not the one you get rich off
5) Not sure if I can run a half marathon...running ain't really my thing...but I'm bound to be half the man Kram is since he ran a full
6) I better stop talking about what I'm gonna do with my place and start doing...first - having my neighbor remove the popcorn ceilings...he said he'll do it in 3 weeks after he finishes his other project
7) I'm gonna host the Super Bowl Party this year. Special Halftime Performance by F-Nick...but I haven't told him yet.
8) Slap me in the face if I ever complain about my work! Although it's stressful, it's not about me...it's about the kids and families! And working three days a week ain't bad at all especially if they call you off one night and you end up having 8 days off like I do now!
9) I have like 5 months worth of mail to shred
10) I'm surprised I'm still up writing this...I usually am asleep by midnight nowadays

Monday, December 15, 2008


The end of last week saw the coming together of two of the best rappers/keystylers in the game when Rols wanted to team up with yours truly to drop a joint. Rather, I should say drop this track since Rols don't drop joints, he smokes them! Anyways, what started as a simple Facebook feed started by me turned out to be a hit session where instead of us two rapping for a particular cause, we tried to out-do each other. So in trying to match the Lil' Wayne in me, Rols tried to bust out his inner Kanye. But as UglyMind can attest to...Kanye Sucks!(http://theuglystick.wordpress.com/) So decide for yourselves! But being the humble dude that I am and giving props to those who deserve them, I must say Rols came with some fire. He definitely hung in there with me. Check out his last verse...he had me lmao!

(J)Jeffrey is a straight up hacker...tore up the golf course today like he a weedwacker! PuttPuttGive you messin up the rotation...my golf score is straight inflation!

(R)but gas is going down check the gas station, i can't even play golf on the playstation....3 is what i yell instead of 4, i would use a driver to open the door, dam the Suns get to see Jrich Soar!!!

(J)Sore is what I be after pounding the sticks...homey you gots to come home so we can keep rolling thick...I rols an uno to get lit on your behalf...without the presence of the KING, the Sunset ain't even on the map!

(R)well the king will be in the set this weekend, remember this is keystyle its never written..thats word to nas tho, the sunset should just be a borough, no karamo!

(J)the only true northern cali borough be the WEST...exit the 280 and head towards the old Best...Crusing down gellert you gots the filipinos wave by wave...you gots to know in westborough you need to Pac (and Save)!

(R)save like the bell, the sunset you can hear me yell! sloat blvd to be exact, i put the set on my back. i got the zoo crew which are straight up beasts, i will send out my tigers..suckas will end up deceased, laid up all in a crease six feet deep! LOL that was violent..hahah

(J)Damn Rols! We were spitting heat on those key-styling sessions. Word for word you best try to keep up with me...I keep coming with the flows you can't match lyrically...you got me into this game and you're making me into the champ...coming correct with my verbal jabs round after round...make like Golden Boy and bow down to the best keystyler pound for pound! But you're still my hero! Haha!

(R)the funny thing jeff is that i dont take time to write this madness, no delete button pressed which is why im the definition of radness, you need practice..my young apprentice, so be like fido and come fetch this, you are a witness..to one of the greatest of all time, so if i were you i would remember this rhyme and recite it line for line and and watch me pick up dimes while u throw and that fishing line and wait for a bite. hahahah

(J)So I see I lured you in with the bait...you might not be falling off but you coming in second rate...you go to sleep and my rhymes still haunt yah...Bite for bite I'm straight up the piranha...practice? we talking about practice?...I'll keep putting down the smack on your wackness...so you learned to pick up dimes?...musta gotten help from vh1's pick-up artist...I outwit you with the strokes of the keyboard cuz I'm the smartest!

(R)remember who taught you, don't ever talk smack to the hand that feeds you, i might just slap the whiteness out of you..me im more like a savage like randy, i will just put you on the corner with with candy, holding up a sign that say's come spank me, your always below me (pause) cuz i am the best, Im the only ninja who looks dope in a sweater vest...so jeff please confess.. that i am your master, i am yoda while u are han solo in plaster..im a calamity sort of like fire, watch your 4 runner there might be holes in your tires..LOL!! GAME SET MATCH!

(J)Ok She- Ra...game set match?...who you be? Anna Kournikova?...Never will you win when playing against the Master of Verse...I come only second to the Hova...I am the He-Man slaying the Skeletor...breaking you down to your core...only to find you lack the guts...you don't need to feed me...save that hand for your nuts! Peanuts that is Skippy so you can make your butter...I keep draining your verses down into the gutter! LOL! You lucky I gots to sleep now! I won that battle! Til next time!

(R)naw you can never win, i know your sitting behind your computer with a pen..me naw its all from the brain, your belinelli while im kobe mang. your about to get ran over by this chu chu train, i will have you jumping around like the house of pain..i'm fresh with mines you just plain jane, now please go and listen to the ish you listen to and thats danity kane.. wait or is it britney cuz i heard you got tickets, like i said before your tires are flat now leave me alone and fix it! aight man..im done! LOL.. u going bowling tonite?

There you have it! We pounded our keyboards more than 8 Mile on that!

Rols' (pi)M.P.

Tonight brought about the return of former Warrior Mickael Pietrus to the Bay Area. As we all know, he was one of Rols favorite Warriors. So I'm sure Rols was really sad that he couldn't play in tonight's game due to a fractured thumb. And since he wasn't playing, I actully decided not to watch the game so I could actually get some holiday shopping done. Anyways, just for Rols and all you other Pietrus fans out there, I give you this:

Man, he's a funny dude! That French Michael Jordan! I miss having him on the Warriors. Now I see where Rols gets all his dance moves from...haha!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

You Can Call me DJ...Cuz I Scratch on the Side

I have the garage all to myself, so I can park my car anyway I want to now. Usually, I park it right in the center. But last night, I parked it a little to the left. I get out of my car and my garage door is making some funky sounds. Pretty much a sound like something is broken. I check out the scene and I see the release cord got caught on my roof rack causing the sound as the door got stuck. Luckily, it didn't disenage the latch and have the door just fall...on my car! I untangled the cord and made sure the garage door was still working fine. I opened and closed the door several times and it seemed all good.

I made the mental note afterwards to make sure there were no problems with the door when I opened it in the morning. I also made the same mental note when I woke up this morning. But with age (since now I'm 30), I tend to forget things quite quickly nowadays (if I don't write it down). So I have my mind on the errands I have to run today. I open the garage door and hop right into my car. I start backing out...and then all I hear is a thud! I'm like WTF was that?

I'm like oh sh!t...I forgot to check the door! I hop out only to see the garage door on top of the spoiler of my 4-Run. I quickly hop back into my car and move it forward. I, of course, have to examine my car first and don't care so much about the door at that moment. I see the scratches on my spoiler. I'm pissed at how dumb I am! Luckily, they were just scratches and it could have been far worse.

I look at the door and notice it didn't go all the way up. I'm sure the cord had something to do with it again. Now the door has a dent in it and some cracks. Kinda fitting though as the door was set to be replaced by the HOA a few months ago, but they never got around to it. Now they better get around to it! And now I gotta have the compulsive nature of making sure the garage door is fully open before backing out or going in.

I guess 4-Run ain't that perfect anymore. Scratch that! Haha! I guess 4-Run has some character to it now!

Attendance Time: Mos Jef? Mos Jef?.....Here!

I guess my blog is like a tv show. It teases and hooks people in (or I would like to think), then it goes on hiatus. It's not like I left my blog at a cliffhanger, and I only have been posting for a month, but I just decided to take a break. A break for what? I don't know. In that time, I might have fallen off people's blogrolls so I won't be surprised if my readership has slipped. Just like a tv show, my ratings might have dropped and I gotta see if I can get those ratings back up. Otherwise, just like some of my fave shows from the past (ie. Birds of Paradise - oh I was in LOVE when I first saw Jennifer Hewitt - get it? OR My So-Called Life), I'm gonna get prematurely cancelled! I'm back and I'm gonna try to come with it!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Contrary to popular belief, I am filipino! My middle name is my mom's maiden name. I have a rosary hanging on the rear view mirror of my car. I have "The Last Supper" hanging on my wall. I have a piano used only for decoration and never is played. I understand Tagolog but can't speak it. But I still have people who refuse to consider me filipino. I even have an African American coworker who proclaims "I'm more filipino than you" just cuz she eats more filipino food than me...haha!

I grew up eating filipino food. My parents would always cook it...and boy did they make some good filipino dishes! But as my sister and I grew older, we discovered that we liked other types of food as well. My parents eventually saw that, and their filipino cooking became less and less through the years. Nowadays, I hardly crave filipino food, but I'll eat it if it's in front of me.

Today brought about a visit from my parents (aside: Since they moved out, I kinda miss having them around...ahh). For dinner, they had a craving for fresh (ie. not fried) lumpia from Goldilocks (note: caught me off guard but this Goldilocks is trying to be a restaurant now with menus and waiters, and no more lines where you pick your food... not sure if they are all doing this). Anyways, I decided to get a fresh lumpia as well. I've had it before but it tasted really good tonight! It got me thinking...what are my favorite filipino dishes? So of course, I had to come up with another list (without pictures):

11) SISIG: barbeque seasoned pork that can be hit or miss depending on who cooks it
10) BEEF/PORK SINIGANG: the bitter soup adds good flavor to the tender meat
9) GARLIC FRIED RICE: such the best staple for the "___-si-log" dishes!
8) KARE KARE: ox tail in peanut sauce; so good when you get a lot of the ox tail meat
7) LECHON: pork with the fat; so good with the Mama Sita sauce
6) BBQ ON A STICK: the sauce they put on the meat always has been a favorite of mine
5) ADOBO: when the sauce is right, adds so much flavor to the meat and rice
4) ARROZ CALDO: chicken and rice "porridge"; my parents make a pretty damn good one
3) DINUGUAN: "chocolate" meat and rice! store near my house makes an awesome one!
2) LUMPIA SHANGHAI: can't go wrong with fried wrapped up meat in the sweet/sour sauce
1) LONGANISA: the sweet juices from this sausage to flavor your rice mixed with the "chunks" in the sausage is pure heaven in my mouth! It will never drop from #1!

Just missed the cut (so I won't describe them): TINOLA, KALDERETA, TOCINO, AND PANCIT MIKI BIHON.

Maybe if I knew how to make these dishes, I'd eat them more. But I do know how to make longanisa...and that's all that matters!

Psssst! Who's doubting my filipino-ness now?

Monday, October 20, 2008

The List That Taketh Away What Little Street Cred I Had

It's no secret that I am a fan of boy band music and all the corny lyrics and fancy footwork that goes with it. I can honestly say that I wish I could be in a boy band...pretty much cuz I could be everything I'm not. I'm not a good singer nor a good dancer plus I don't have any girls flocking after me. So, with all this recent fan-damonium of the New Kids on the Block, it had me thinking of my favorite WHITE Boy Bands and my favorite song/video of each one. I actually remember making a CD at Tiffany Blue's house and giving it the title "Tighty Whities." So in keeping up with my fellow blog-stars and their lists, here goes my first ever list...

5) O-TOWN: Their lyrics were pretty damn cheesy and always get stuck in your head. Matter of fact their lyrics were quite sexual as displayed in "We Fit Together"

4) BACKSTREET BOYS: Granted they came out with a ton of songs, they only had a few that I really liked. "Quit Playing Games with my Heart" came in a very close second to..."I Want It That Way"

3) 98 DEGREES: Underrated on most lists pretty much cuz they couldn't dance. But their songs put them high on mine. Tough call but #4)This Gift, #3)Because of You, #2)The Hardest Thing, #1)Invisible Man

2) NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK: I must confess that I was a fan back in the day and still am. I mean they are the originators of cheesy pop music! Really tough call but "The Right Stuff" barely beats out "Step by Step" pretty much cuz of the dancing.

1) *NSYNC: The best boy band of all-time! They revived the genre and put it on another level! #4)I Want You Back #3)The Two of Us #2)Tearin' Up My Heart and #1(Bye Bye Bye

Just Missed the Cut:
#6) Savage Garden - Truly, Madly, Deeply (yeah not really a boy band per se but they had to be included)
#7) BBMak - Back Here
#8) Boyzone - No Matter What
#9) LFO - Girl on TV

Honestly, I just wanted all these videos on one page so I can watch them over and over....haha! After all this, I wouldn't be surprised if I get kicked out of the Fifth Dimension, since they probably don't want to be labeled as soft. Haha!